Photo Credit - Laura Reid

Sara Marie Linton

Wisconsin roots with Big Island branches, that’s how I see myself. I’m a lover of beauty, nature, music, art, photography, and life. I am a free spirit with a happy heart and a hopeful soul. My dream is to one day be traveling the world with my camera in hand……capturing the wonder and beauty that is EVERYWHERE!

I was raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and have lived in Hawai’i since October 2001. I’ve been photographing professionally in various forms since 2007 and I still believe that I am only getting started! The amazing Hawai’i sunsets are what shifted my love of photography from a casual hobby to a full blown passion that I try to fuel daily. I simply couldn’t get over how beautiful and how different each sunset was, so I started to capture that beauty with my camera. This led to learning more and more about photography and taking pictures of anything I could!

My favorite part of photography is how much it has opened my eyes and my heart to the magic and beauty that surrounds me daily, no matter where I find myself. I truly believe that beauty is not only seen with your eyes, but it is also felt in your heart. My hope is to share that feeling of beauty with the world… photo at a time. So, from my heart to yours, aloha and enjoy! 

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